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Kuleana Rum Works

Kuleana Rum Works has been making rum in Waikoloa, Hawaii since 2013. These are the rums they’re currently producing:

  • Hawaiian Rum Agricole, a pot-distilled, Hawaiian cane juice-based rum made from 40 varieties of heirloom sugarcane that are grown on the distillery’s farm. It’s bottled unaged at 92 proof with no added sugar, flavors, or color.

  • Huihui Rum, a blend of the distillery’s Hawaiian Rum Agricole, an unaged Martinique agricole, and a molasses-based rum from Papua, New Guinea, that’s bottled unaged at 80 proof with no added sugar, flavors, or color.

  • Nanea Rum, a blend of three aged rums sourced from “around the world” that is bottled at 86 proof with an age statement of two years. Nanea does not contain any rums produced distilled by Kuleana.

  • Hawaiian Aged Rum Agricole (Coming in 2020), a version of the based used in the distillery’s Hawaiian Rum Agricole that is currently aging in Cognac barrels.

Check out their website for more information about the distillery.